The Thrive Team

Dan & Summer Hermann

Dan and Summer have worked in Children’s ministry in some form for over 16 years! They have a passion for family, and are excited to see what the Lord is going to do with theirs. They began Thrive Ministries 4 years ago, and are working hard on outreaches, bible studies, and taking care of their 8 children. 

Isaac Hermann

This young man is an amazing older brother and son! He loves and serves with his whole heart and is growing closer the Lord every day. Isaac is currently serving on the worship team, and working hard in school.

Caleb and Sandy Brumbelow

Caleb and Sandy are an amazing couple who love Jesus and have spent their lives pointing to Him in all that they do. They both have an incredible ability to love and care for others without limit and strive to serve any and all who come there way! They serve in their church body in many ways and have rich experiences to bring in the foster and adoption community. They will be lending their musical gifts and talents to Thrive - and are open to see what the Lord will do with them next!

Susan Perkins

Susan is the coolest grandma (“Baba” to our kids) on the block! She is a constant encourager and a warrior for the Lord! She has taught all of her daughters to look to Jesus and to put one foot in front of the other no matter what! She is serving in Thrive ministries in every way possible including blogging, editing and is excited to see what the Lord does next with Thrive!

Nathan and Matty Hermann

Through music, humor and love – ALL of our boys provide inspiration and support to Thrive Ministries! We are so blessed by their willingness to serve and their compassion for others.
Matthew (15) ~ Currently being awesome and learning how to serve in children’s worship and being an all around good guy :)
Nathan (9) ~ Is the firecracker in our home! He is passionate, fierce, loving…..and HYSTERICAL! He is currently serving by keeping everyone on their toes and learning what it means to believe in Jesus…. for reals!

Melissa Davis

Melissa is one incredible woman! Not only is she an incredible writer, blogger, and worship leader, but she is also a wonderful friend! She is currently challenging herself and others to “Dive Deep” into all that God has. She serves in Thrive as a blogger and planner through Bible study. She is eager to see what the Lord will do next!

Colleen Smith

Colleen is excited to be a part of the Thrive team! She currently does a little bit of everything in Thrive, while working on getting a degree in social work. We are excited to see how the Lord is going to use her not just in our family, but in the world around us as well!

Thomas And Cristy Slawson

Thomas is from Mississippi and Cristy from North Carolina, so they bring a bit of southern hospitality to our team. They met in Jackson, Mississippi and were married in 2003. Before their first child Isaiah was born in 2006 they learned he had spina bifida. Though caring for Isaiah's special needs has been challenging at times, God has grown them tremendously through the experience. They served in church ministry together before moving to Russia to serve as missionaries from 2007 until 2011. They returned to the U.S. to better care for their son's medical needs. Thomas continues to serve in support ministries for the the mission organization with which they serve. They have two other children, Nadia and Lily, and are excited to be a part of working with Thrive Ministries.